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Save money, while earning money!

At TSAFCU we call them ‘PiggyCU’s’ instead of ‘Piggy Banks’, but it’s the same concept, save money while you earn money. At TSAFCU we offer savings accounts to suit your needs.

Christmas Clubs

Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to worry about where you’re going to come up with the money to buy Christmas presents when winter rolls around? Open up a Christmas Club! This allows you to deposit money throughout the year to save up for the holidays. The money is then transferred to your primary savings, usually in early October, for you to begin spending.

Vacation, College, Taxes

Set up a savings account and name it what you want! This allows you to organize and plan for future expense such as the vacation you always wanted to take, or your annual property taxes on your home. You can even open up a few of them to help you save for different purposes.

  • Earn dividends
  • $25 in a share savings account to join and become a member ($5 for minors)
  • No Monthly Fee